Healthy Hair Habits to Adopt Right Now

Let’s face it, your hair has a mind of its own and does pretty much whatever it wants on a daily basis. And, I’m sure there are days when you feel like it’s completely out of control. But, there is one way that you can show your hair who’s the boss and gain back control. And that’s through a proper hair care routine.

Now, I’m not telling you to completely overhaul your current hair care routine and buy all new hair products. But there are certain simple tips and tricks that you can follow that can bring about a massive improvement in your hair in just a few days. So, let’s check them out!

There are several things that can cause natural hair to become dry and brittle.  Specifically:

  • Washing with hard water
  • Washing with hot water
  • Unhealthy/Unbalanced Diet 
  • Too much styling and chemical treatments
  • Over-processing with perms, relaxers, color, etc.
  1. Treat your hair and scalp. Gentle scalp massages and hot oil treatments can be effective to combat dryness and to stimulate hair follicles for regrowth. Try our Kalii Naturals Revitalizing Hair Oil which is an organic hair oil enriched with Argan Oil of Morocco, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil and Coconut Oil is known to encourage the growth of healthy, nourished, strong hair and helping to tame frizzy hair. 
  2. Cleanse. Be sure to keep your hair and scalp clean. And thoroughly rinse your hair, as build up can leave a film and rob moisture and sheen. Many hair-care experts and enthusiasts even believe in limiting the use of shampoo; using an effective conditioner alone in-between the occasional shampoo, instead. Herbal Spring Shampoo Bar is a perfect alternative to regular chemical-based products. It is a creamy, hydrating shampoo bar infused with organic herbs that stimulate the scalp, nourishes the roots and reduces the hair fall too. The best is the product is suitable for all hair types and comes with Peppermint Scent! This will make you smell fresh and pepper-minty until the next wash.
  3. Trim ends regularly. You should get a trim every six to eight weeks to prevent your hair from damage and split ends.
  4. Handle wet hair with care. Rubbing it with a towel can make it more vulnerable to breakage. Instead, use a cloth made of soft material. Pat the hair dry rather than rubbing it with the cloth. Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle hair, starting from the ends up to the roots.
  5. Care for your mane. Whether you have a perm, natural hair, transitioning, braids, locks or twists, take special care of your hair length because they are vulnerable to breakage. Get your hands on the Apollo Anti Frizz Hair and Beard Balm and our selection of Hair and Beard Balms for unbeatable results in taming your mane. This extraordinary balm will repair damaged hair and maintain healthy edges and provide the lost nourishment and hydration that lacks from your hair. The Apollo Anti Frizz Balm enriched with Shea Butter and Sunflower Oil, strengthens and repairs damaged Hair and Beard. With repairing Essential Oils that will also leave an exquisite spicy scent. It is a 100% natural, super nourishing balm for dry, frizzy hair. Also, if you do not want to go through the trouble of washing your hair every day but you still want your hair to smell wonderfully fresh like you just stepped out of the shower, you can use this balm as a hair perfume as well! 


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