Here are our top All Natural secrets to get you started on a new haircare regime in 2019

Raise your hands, if everyone could stand to have shinier, healthier-looking hairs.

All of you, Yeah! We thought so.

After this long summer of saltwater, heat and when there is lots of humidity in weather because of springs and other stuff which is too *Cool* for your locks (Just joking).  We put together this list of the natural secret to get your hair in tip-top shape in time for the long, dry winter ahead.

We at KaliiNaturals, providing you the best of natural secrets for your haircare regime in 2019 and can assure you for an absolute & 100% pure natural remedies with a long list of natural organic products & ingredients.

For a new haircare regime, first, you need to understand that using bottled and liquid shampoos which are made of artificial colors & chemicals are never going to give good care for your hairs. So you have to give up on all these kind of products first and then move forward to completely natural organic products & ingredients for longer & impactful results.

A Shampoo Bar is all you need in your bath!

KaliiNaturals has introduced various naturally created products & ingredients to take good care of your hairs like jojoba seed oil, Shea butter, Cocoa Butter, Jasmine essential oil, Raw Sal Butter Sal, Ayurvedic Hair masks, etc. So all these are just a number but the most important part is how to apply these ingredients, which is given below

Here is the list of naturally organic secrets for a new haircare regime in 2019, as follows

  • Marshmallow Jojoba Shampoo Bar- This bar is a super helpful in hydrating, soothing shampoo bar with marshmallow root powder and Jojoba seed oil, and it is proficient shampoo bar which will help you to restore moisture and add a silky feeling to your hairs.
  • This bar is also including the gentle aroma of Roses to get rid of curly, dry or difficult hairs.
  • Joy & Jasmine Shampoo BarThis bar contains the natural jasmine essential oil and a natural coconut free, extra-nourishing and balancing shampoo bar. Enriched full of shea butter, Babassu oil (is filled with full of antioxidants, like Vitamin E and phytosterols.
  • Useful for all kind of hairs.
  • Herbal Spring Shampoo BarIt is an amazing combination of cream, sunflower oil, Mango seed Butter, Raw Sal Butter Sal, Sweet almond oil (which is a light greasy oil for balance the moisture of hairs and help for conditioning & smoothen, and helps to fight for hair loss.
  • This combination of natural ingredients is helpful for nourish scalp roots and slower the hair loss.
  • Useful for all type of hairs.


  • Lemon Queen Shampoo BarThis secret of nature is a combination of jojoba seed oil (rich in various vitamins and minerals that will nourish hairs with other minerals like copper & zinc as well), sunflower oil, and Ayurvedic Soapnuts powder (Reetha), for cleansing, hydrating, nourishing shampoo bar for make your hair healthy and more smoothen/silky without dandruff hairs. This ingredient of the natural secret is helpful for all type of hairs.

Apart from these Shampoo Bars, KaliiNaturals has also introduced Ayurvedic Hair Masks for so much damaged hairs. They are of two types of Ayurvedic Masks

  • Ayurvedic Hair Masks for Blond or Light HairThis mask has a perfect combination of ayurvedic herbal powders which are invigorated roots to nourish the scalp, and stimulate the growth of hairs. This mask is formulated as mentioned earlier also for blond or light hairs.
  • Main ingredient- Organic Neem, Amla, Shikakai, Fenugreek, Moringa, Bhringraj, Brahmi, Natural Henna and Reetha
  • Basic Purpose – To stop using dried chemicals on your hair and Scalp! Because it is a foremost cause why you still outbreak.

Quick Tips For all hair types:

  1. Keep yourself hydrated.
  2. Do not use the shampoo bar directly on your hair at first, Lather it in your hands and apply to your hairs.
  3. Rinse your hairs with cold water instead of hot water, because hot water “melt” the oils in the shampoo and then it will make it harder to rinse them.
  4. Rinse your hairs with ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar), or lemon once in a week. Dilute one part of the acidic liquid into two parts water and rinse the hairs. You can change this proportion according to the type of hair, for instance, dry hairs will need less of the acidic part, and oily hairs more.



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