Shipping and Other Policies

Shipping Information

Soap and shampoo bars can be shipped either from Israel or from the U.S, and all other products from the U.S. But that should not bother you, because we will ship the products you buy at the lowest cost, and we will not charge you twice.

1.Payment Methods

We accept either PayPal- which can be used via the shopping cart or e-mail orders-and Credit Card payments – only via shopping cart. We use the industry-standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to ensure that your online transaction and credit card information are safe. We do not save credit card information in our system.

Orders are shipped after payment is received.

2. How

Because our internal division of tasks, Soaps and Shampoo Bars are produced and can be shipped from Israel. Domestic shipping inside Israel uses the services of Boxit, at a flat rate of $8.00 (+-30 NIS). See details bellow.

All other products are produced and shipped domestically via US Postal Service Priority Mail concentrating orders so as to use as fewer parcels as possible, at a flat rate of $8.00.

Orders over $100 ship FREE!

Domestic Rates (USPS)
For the U.S. and Canada.

Fees may change according to US Post Offices policies.

Self Pickup Free $0.00 and up Free
Free shipping2 $100.00 and up Free
Standard shipping small 0.22lb–3.99lb $8.00
Standard Shipping Up to 9kg 4lb–8.99lb $12.00
Standard Shipping big parcels 9lb–19lb $18.00


DOMESTIC SHIPPING of soap bars in Israel

Flat Rate For all Israel based Orders

Cost: $8.00 or around 30.00 NIS


From the US, we use US Priority Mail International.

Costs will be calculated once you introduce your exact address. A general explanation of fees is detailed bellow, but fees may change according to US Post Offices policies.


To the following countries: Italy, Austria, Ireland, Brazil, U.S., Belgium, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Hong Kong, Greece, Japan, Norway, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Finland, France, Russia, Sweden, Swiss.

 The prices for standard parcels are:

1-    Up to 0.9 pounds  (0.400 Kg) : $20.

2-     Up to 3.53 pounds (1.6 Kg ): $36

To Australia, Thailand, South Corea, Taiwan,

3-    . Up to 0.99lb (500grs) : $52  

4-  From 0.9lb to 4lb : $72

We do not ship to other countries. Not yet!



  1. How long

Orders are generally packed and shipped within 2 to 4 business days from receipt of payment, though orders larger than $200 could take up to 10 days. If that is the case with your order we will let you know as soon as possible. Anyhow, we will always try to consolidate your order in as few parcels as possible, and send them as soon as they are ready.
Domestic mail, either in the US or Israel, takes approximately 5 to 7 business days to arrive once shipped, and around  three weeks if they are International Shipping.

You will receive an email notification to let you know your package/s is/are on its/their way. 

 4. Customs and International Taxes

International shipping quotes do not include any duties, taxes or other charges that may be applied by your country's government. Any duties and taxes for international shipments are at the cost of the customer, as every country may have different rules and regulations when receiving international packages.

Please be sure that you are aware of any specific customs regulations for your country. As much as we will do everything in our hands to help you, we cannot be responsible for packages that are detained in customs.

5. Missing Items

Although we check carefully all orders prior to shipping, mistakes do happen. If an item is missing please let us know as soon as you receive the products. You can then choose if you want the missing product to be shipped  to you, issue a refund, or include it in your next order.

6. Lost Packages

You will receive a tracking number via email. Once your package has been reported as delivered to your home it is no longer our responsibility, and we will not be held responsible for lost or stolen packages after that point. If your package is lost during transit, an insurance claim can be filed 15 days after the day of shipment. Once that time period has passed, we will file a claim if you let us know that that's what you want. We are not responsible for incorrect addresses. Please make sure you enter your correct address on your order to avoid disappointment.

7. Self Pick Up

If you live nearby, you have the option to pick up your order at our office address and so avoid shipping charges. Select the "Self Pick Up" option at time of check out.  We hold orders here for up to one week from time of purchase and can take payment with a credit card online during check out.

PLEASE NOTE: We will send you an email when your order has been filed and is ready to pick up. Please wait for that email before phoning to set a date and time to come and pick your order up. That way you can be sure we are there when you arrive.

פרטי משלוחים                        SHIPPING DETAILS                                           


משלוח הסבונים והשמפו ברס יעשה תמיד מישראל ויתר המוצרים ישלחו מארה"ב.

משלוחים בתוך הארץ יעשו ע"י שרות בוקסיט.


קלי נטורלס משתמשת בשרותי Boxit כשירות הפצת משלוחים.


בוקסיט מפיצה משלוחים  ללוקרים אלקטרונים ומאות חנויות בזמינות גבוהה ובפריסה רחבה, לאיסוף עצמי.

  • מאות "נקודות שירות" (לוקרים/חנויות) בפריסה ארצית רחבה
  • ההפצה בלוקרים אלקטרוניים פתוחים 24/7 כולל ערבי חג וסופי שבוע
  • שירות הפצה במגוון חנויות, ביניהן סניפי רשת סופר פארם, בקרבת מתחמי מגורים, מרכזי קניות, מוסדות לימוד, אזורי תעשייה ועוד.
  • השליחות מבוצעת תוך 5 ימי עסקים מתאריך ההזמנה
  • עלות השירות (8.00 S$U) 30₪+-  לכל רכישה.
  • בקניות מעל 300 ש"ח המשלוח חינם.
  • גודל מכסימלי של כל חבילב 30X40X40 ועד 10 ק"ג.
  • חובה לכתוב מס' טלפון נייד בפרטי ההזמנה.
  • עבור הזמנות של 300 ש"ח או יותר, המשלוח חינם.
  • כיצד זה עובד?
  • נקודת השירות תותאם אוטומטית לקרבת הכתובת שתוכנס באתר
  • כשהחבילה תגיע ל"נקודת השירות" (לוקר/חנות) יישלח SMS עם קוד אישי
  • את הקוד האישי יש למסור לנציג בחנות, או לחלופין להקליד אותו במסך הלוקר ודלת התא תיפתח באופן אוטומטי


IN ISRAEL SOAPS AND SHAMPOO BARS WILL BE ALWAYS DELIVERED FROM ISRAEL, and the rest of the products will be delivered from the USA.

BoxIt - Delivery Service for domestic shipping in Israel

Kalii Naturals uses the services of Boxit for domestic shipping in Israel.
Boxit offers delivery services to electronic lockers and to hundreds of Boxit stores, with high availability and wide distribution, for self-collection to hundreds of "service points" (lockers / shops) nationwide.
-The distribution service for electronic lockers is opend 24/7 , including holidays and weekends.
- The distribution service to stores includes a variety of stores, such as Super Pharm branches, near residential complexes, studying and commercial centers, industrial zones and more.

The goods will be delivered within 5 business days from the payment of the order.

  • The cost of the service is 30.00 NIS per order, up to 10 Kg. and maximum parcel measures are 30X40X40.
  • For orders of 300 NIS or more, we grant FREE SHIPPING.
  • Mobile phone number MUST be added when buying a product.


How does it work?

  • The “Service Point” will be automatically adjusted to the nearest address of the customer
  • When the package reaches the "Service Point" (Locker / Store), an SMS will be sent to the customer, with a unique PIN.
  • The personal PIN must be delivered to the store representative, or typed in the locker screen so the cell door will open automatically.


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