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What is a Lotion Bar And How Should I Use it?

A Lotion Bar is a solid lotion, a cream. It may resemble a bar of soap, but is actually a cream. The Lotion Bar will stay solid when kept at room temperature or lower. It can be used anywhere on the body. When applied to skin, body heat will slightly melt the bar. Our Lotion Bars are made of 100% all natural ingredients including butters and oils like Cocoa butter, Shea butter, Kokum Butter, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, etc., Beeswax and pure and natural Essential Oils, like Lavender, Orange, Clary Sage, Patchouli or Clove Bud Essential Oils.

Why is a Lotion Bar Better?
Why is the lotion bar better, you ask?? Here are seven reasons:

  1. Organic/No Chemicals Lotion bars have a reputation for being a health-conscious choice because they are free from the potentially hazardous chemicals found in commercial lotion products, such as phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde, para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA), ethanolamines, petroleum, etc. Besides, our Lotion Bars are made with Organic, USDA and GMP approved butters and Herbal Powders.
  2. No plastic containers / Environmentally Conscious Because the lotion is solid, there is no need to package it in a bottle, which is generally a plastic one. Also with natural ingredients, the process for creating a lotion bar is low impact.
  3. Use IN the shower / Efficiency of Application and Increased Moisturizing The best time to apply moisturizer is when your pores are open, either in the shower/bath, or just out of the shower/bath. This allows the lotion to deeply penetrate skin as well as seal and protect skin throughout the day.
  4. They contain Beeswax, which is waterproof, so it actually seals in the moisture of your skin. Apply the bar after a shower when your skin is moist and soft. The wax coating of the bar will trap the moisture, letting it nourish your skin.
  5. They are cheaper, because they last longer. The waterproof qualities also mean that the lotion won’t wash off. One application will survive multiple hand washings, or even immersion. It will last several hours.
  6. No water. It is 100% active ingredients. Commercial lotions and creams have a great percentage of water added. That’s why they are liquid. These solid bars are 100% pure, so you need a lot less to get your skin amazingly nourished and hydrated. You only need a small quantity, and it absorbs fast and easy.
  7. Great for travelers. Less product is required for each trip, since each application lasts multiple hours. As it is solid, you don’t have to pack it in the liquids bag. The bar won’t leak. It also means that the product is concentrated – a small amount goes a long way. The lotion stays where you put it. It won’t come off on your clothing or on the sheets. And you can carry it in your hand bag too!

How to Use a Lotion Bar
Using a lotion bar is easy. Just take the lotion bar into your hands and warm it with your body heat. This will melt a small portion in the surface of the bar. You can then either rub the lotion onto the body, or get enough in your hands to put lotion bar down and use hands to cover skin.

Sometimes, Lotion bars can be a little tricky to use till you get used to them. Warm the bar by holding it between your hands or against the target area of your skin. Wait a few seconds and rub the bar over the area. Then massage the residue into the skin. It will feel a little sticky at first, but the skin will absorb fast all of the product.

Don’t try to use it as a liquid lotion. You need only a little quantity, and remember: there is no water in it, so no need to rub it once and again on your skin.

Several important things to take into account if you want to enjoy your Lotion Bars:

  • Maintain it away from heat sources.
  • Keep it always in its box, to preserve it clean.
  • In winter, you will need a little bit more of warmth to melt it. In summer, beware of leaving it in the car, or even in your bag, if it is under the sun!

And then, just enjoy of this marvelous new experience!

No Parabens, no SLS, no artificial colors, no synthetic fragrances
& no harsh detergents.

We only use natural, organic and fresh ingredients, and we handcraft our products in small batches, so that freshness and high quality are assured at all times.



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