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How to Use Shampoo Bars


A shampoo bar is all you need in your bath!
Let us summarize the infinite information out there on the Internet for you!

8 Reasons Why Shampoo Bars are Amazing

1. Say goodbye to PLASTIC! With shampoo bars there’s no more unnecessary waste. Become greener and earth will thank you.

2. No harsh chemicals on your body, no more! But careful! Not all shampoo bars out there are chemical free. Some companies might try to trick you with fake propaganda. That’s why it’s important to learn how to read the ingredients on your product’s labels. Our shampoo bars do not contain any kind of chemical what-so-ever! No SLS, no surfactants, no artificial colors, no phthalates, no parabens and the list goes on. Actually, we leave out more than what we put in our products and that’s what makes them excellent!

3. They last looooong! Shampoo bars are more concentrated than liquid shampoos, so using less of them is enough to leave your hair squeaky clean! (as long as you don’t let your bar soak or drown in water…you can read more about how to take care of your shampoo bar here).

4. They are great for traveling! Did it ever happen to you that a shampoo or conditioner bottle opened unexpectedly in your bag? Augh! What a mess…! Such a bummer! But, hey! With shampoo bars that’s impossible! That’s why it’s so easy to travel with them…also, they are light weighted and don’t take much space at all! And you can even take it in your hand bag! You can take only your shampoo bar while traveling and use it as a body soap too! Your skin will thank you.

5. Shampoo and conditioner in one. Since our shampoos are made from all natural oils and butters, not only they clean but also they condition and nurture your hair amazingly! Remember, a shampoo bar is all you need in your bath!

6. MINIMALISM is the new wave. Japanese culture practices the minimalistic way of living, since it brings peacefulness and happiness to our homes. When our houses (and baths) are too full of stuff and objects our brains get too distracted processing all this unnecessary information, which unconsciously makes us stressed and unhappy. Imagine your bath clean with only one or two bars. This is it.

7. Say goodbye to scalp problems! Did you know that the number one reason why most people have dandruff and/or seborrhea is because they have dry scalp? And what do they do? Keep drying it with more artificial shampoos “for dandruff”. That’s a big NO-NO! Moisturize your scalp, use a natural shampoo bar, do Ayurvedic hair masks. This will also help for hair loss, weak and dry hair, and even oily hair. Read more about oily hair here for what products might suit you.

8. They are Cheaper! Well, you don’t have to be Einstein to realize about this… since they last long and for most hair types you need just one bar for both shampoo and conditioner. (For dry hair we recommend the Ayurvedic Hair Mask Bar).

I’m new to this…How should I use a shampoo bar?
If you’re new to shampoo bars, then we must tell you that it will take a month or two to get adjusted to an all-natural shampoo bar. This depends on your body only. Some folks don’t even experience a transition phase, while others struggle for even longer.

What is a transition phase?

Our scalp and body are used to produce certain amounts of sebum for our hair to look healthy. Since conventional shampoos have harsh ingredients which dry our hair, our body produces a big amount of sebum after every time we wash it. So even if you don’t have oily hair, you might still be producing a fair amount of sebum. A transition phase is a period of time when your body gets it’s sebum levels adjusted.

What is sebum?

"Sebum is an oily secretion of the sebaceous glands. It consists mainly of fatty acids, waxes, triglycerides and cholesterol. ... The substance reaches the surface of the skin via the small ducts that lead to the hair follicles. Sebum is one of many oily substances associated with the skin's surface."

So once you start shampooing with our natural shampoo bars you might experience oily hair at first, maybe dandruff, it could even be dry hair or other symptoms.

The most common thing that happens when first using these kind of shampoos is that your hair will feel heavy and greasy after you rinse it with water. Do not desperate! This is normal at first. This happens in countries where the water is high concentrated in minerals (also called hard water). The reaction of soap and hard water on hair seams to leave it hard and tingly. You’ll notice that once your hair dries it will feel normal as always and also, after a while, your hair will get more accustomed and it will feel lighter in the shower.

If this is really an issue for you, we recommend doing ACV rinses at first or lemon rinses. You can start by doing one of these every time you shampoo and slowly bring down the amount of rinses per week. Folks who are used to shampoo bars usually do one or two rinses per month. But, again, this depends on your hair type and your personal preferences. You can learn more on hair rinses here.


1. Do not use the shampoo bar directly on your hair at first. Lather it in your hands and apply this lather to your hair. This might help with the first heavy and greasy sensation in the shower.

2. Rinse with cold water. Hot water will “melt” the oils in the shampoo and it will make it harder to rinse them out.

3. Do hair rinses with Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) or lemon. Dilute one part of the acidic liquid into two parts of water and rinse, rinse, rinse. You can change the proportions according to your hair type. Dry hairs will need less of the acidic part, and oily hairs more.


1. We have heard from some of our customers who had a hard time, that they had let their body adjust by slowly reducing the amount of traditional shampoo washes per month. You can gradually wash less and less with traditional shampoo and more with the all-natural shampoo bar.

2. Maybe you need more ACV/lemon rinses yet. Don’t underestimate these.

3. Read the beginners tips as well…maybe you’ll find an idea that will work for you.

4. If you find yourself loving the product but your hair is still getting oily once every month or so, you can wash with traditional shampoo occasionally. Using less conventional shampoo is also taking care of yourself!

5. If you are tired and about to give up, try the “No Poo” method. This is just like shampooing but has nothing to do with shampoo! Read more about the “No Poo” method here.

If you have tried these methods, or if you have one of your own that gave you good result, please share it in our Customer reviews.

No Parabens, no SLS, no artificial colors, no synthetic fragrances
& no harsh detergents.

We only use natural, organic and fresh ingredients, and we handcraft our products in small batches, so that freshness and high quality are assured at all times.



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